our luxury


The moment you set foot in the room, you'll understand why luxury is exclusively not for everyone. Think indulgence, sexy in-room jacuzzi. Think lavish, modern interior with a warm neutral palette and a pop of whiskey tan. As you lie down on the bed (cosy for two, roomy for one) with both hands clasped beneath your head and start to think, "why can't it always be like this?" Then you'd realize, you are in that place. The place where wonders happen everyday.

Stay in
  • Experience our finest, top of the class Royal Suite. Classically decorated with lavish decor and in-room jacuzzi...

  • Exquisitely designed for you and your party to relax in splendor and elegance. With two bed rooms each with LED TV, hot and cold shower room...

  • It’s where elegance combined with enhanced facilities to ensure an exceptional experience. Features a Standard bed, LED TV, hot and cold shower, bath tub.