Malio Hotel, Where Wonders Happen Everyday!

Redshield marks the house of pleasure where swords of desire getsharpen for all you, knights of earthly delights! Ask anyone in Jakartawho knows the true-told tale of Malio Hotel. And witness how theirlips tremble as they proclaim what comes next to our Name.Bring an entourage or come as you are. Thrust through the mostalluring evenings the city can offer. Party with steaming hot femaleDJs and other wild creatures of the night to unleash your untamedfantasy. Hands down, the lushest place in town!Pick your sword up and come to us, all you who are thirsty.Temptations are sure to be challenged to the edge of experiences.We make business hours, after hours, every hour, a happy hour. Onlythen you’d know that there is a place, in the heart of Jakarta, whereno dreams could be too crazy if you’re here at the place wherewonders happen everyday.

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january, 2020

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